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Jannette's Pedigree Chart

Some information on my living relatives has been removed for their privacy. All information is available in the Password Protected section.

Parent Grandparent Great-Grandparent
James Furguson "Pa" McQueen
b.1890 d.1984
John Alexander "Jack" McQueen
b.1918 d.1992
"Berga" Hugborg Loptson
b.1896 d.1969
J. McQueen
Urquhart William Rennie
Anne Low Rennie
b.1922 d.2001
Kate "Catherine" MacIver
Jannette McQueen
Finlay Ross Fairweather
b.1886 d.1965
G. Fairweather
Helen Murray Hood
b.1893 d.1982
D. Fairweather
Lionel Norris Storey
b.1894 d.1943
L. Storey
Edith Fearnley
b.1891 d.1971

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To make this page more "search engine friendly" when finding names, here are the alternate versions of the names listed above: James McQueen, Jack McQueen, John Alexander McQueen, J. A. "Jack" McQueen, Berga Lopson, Berga Loptson, Hugborg Lopson, Urquhart Rennie, Anne Rennie, Annie Rennie, Kate MacIver, Kate MacIvor, Catherine McIvor, Finlay Fairweather, Helen Hood, Lionel Storey

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